Are FUT Icons worth it?

Imagine you have 10 million coins in your team. You got them with the help of your FIFA 20 Hack. Anyway, you don’t want to take the risk anymore of generating any more free coins or points soon.


Now you have to decide: What time are you going to build?

Especially in the beginning of the new game, the players are really expensive. This is normal, because the demand of great players is very high in the beginning, but there are only a few of them available on the transfer market. You should know the possibility to get a superstar or even a FUT icon just right after the release of the game is super low. You must be extremely lucky to get an icon out of a FUT pack. Even then, most people prefer to keep the icon instead of selling them. This makes them very expensive. Sometimes even 5 million coins or more.

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Is it worth it to buy FUT icons?ย 

You want to have the best team possible. Icons are among the top player in the game. Especially the prime version of the icons. Cruyff, Maradona, Pele and Ronaldo are the best icons. The decision to buy one of them is really hard, because with all the coins you pay for one of them, you could easily get 10 other great players. In the end it depends on you. Do you want to have one, two or three awesome player and the rest of them are super strong Premier League or Bundesliga player? Or do you want to get Messi, Ronaldo, Ramos, De Gea and some other in your team? Just to let you know: The price of them will decrease a lot, after special cards have been released.


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Just get more free FIFA 20 coins

This is probably the best answer. Simply run the FIFA 20 coins hack to get more coins. We would recommend you to start slowly. Increase the number of coins daily or weekly. Especially in the beginning of the game you should keep it safe. First generate 100k coins. Next day get 300k coins. After one week you generate 5 million coins. Step by step. Some guys used the FIFA 20 coin generator, got themselves 500 million coins for free and then wondered why their account got blocked. Keep it real and you won’t need to face any trouble! This is the best tips and tricks we can give you. Oh by the way: It really makes a difference if you are using average player or strong player in your team.

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