Methods for free FIFA 20 Coins on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC

You already heard of our latest FIFA 20 Hack, but you still feel insecure or afraid someone will get access over your account? Don’t worry, because thousands of gamer are using our FIFA 20 coin generator every single day and no one ever got their coins or players stolen. However, today we want to talk about some other strategies on how to get free FUT 20 coins.


Before we start: The following methods won’t give you free FIFA 20 points. If you need or want them you can check this out!


kostenlose fifa 20 mu╠łnzen



This might be the most popular way to get coins. However, last year many people got their account banned for trading. In EA’s opinion this is against the terms of use. They say its a manipulation and not a legit way to get coins. Lets see how this will work out on FUT 20. Ever single year gamers all around the world were trading players to get more coins. If you got lots of coins to begin with, its even better! The magic recipe is: Buy low, sell high. You should keep an eye open for good deals. Some gamers are selling their players way below their actual value. Especially expensive players are sometimes 50k coins cheaper.

One thing you should consider: Many people are using tools like an “Autobuyer” which will automatically buy players, when they are below a specific price. You might already experience similar stuff on FUT 19. Players were listed for around 3 seconds and already sold. No actual human bought them. Bots did!


Division Rivals:

In the Division Rivals mode you not only get points to participate in the FUT Champions Cup, you can also get a high rank, climb up the leaderboard and get some really nice rewards once a week. The advantage on this mode is you can choose what rewards you would like to get. This depends on your rank!


FUT Champions Cup:

This might be the most competitive mode in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but at the same time it can also give you the best rewards. You can play up to 30 matches per weekend and you have to win as many as possible. Also in this mode you can choose your rewards. It can be really time consuming and stressful tho.



Squad Battles:

This mode is a single player mode. You are playing against teams, which have been created by fans and players. You can choose the level. The goal is to get as much points as possible in one week, to climb the leaderboard and get a high rank. If you have a high rank you will get some good rewards and free FIFA 20 coins.


Many other methods:

We just listed the most famous methods on how to get free coins for Ultimate Team. There are still some others, like quick selling players or buying rewards, which will give you a specific amount per match.


If you have some other methods, feel free to add them in the comments!

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