FUT 20 Companion Hack for iOS and Android

Its no secret the FIFA 20 hack works for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and the PC. But how about the FUT Companion? In our earlier article we already talked about the Web App, which usually releases around one week prior the official game.


What is the FUT Companion App?

Basically its a mobile version of the Ultimate Team Web App. You can download it for your Android or iOS device. Simply log in and you can manage your team directly from your smartphone or tablet. Some additional features are you can open FUT packs and solve SBCs on your phone. This makes the app pretty useful in our opinion. Wherever you are, you can work on your team. Especially in the beginning of Ultimate Team this can be a huge advantage.

Does the FIFA 20 Coin Generator for the FUT Companion?

Since FIFA 17 the hack is also working for the FUT Companion and the Web App. This makes it much easier for gamer to generate free coins and points anytime they want. But why is it so important? Well, here it is: The Web App releases around one week earlier than the game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This means you have the chance to get free FIFA 20 coins earlier. Imagine you have one week to open as much packs as you want. You could literally form the best team ever. You could get FUT icons first and build your team around them. There are definitely some real advantages coming with the FIFA 20 coins hack.


Is it safe?

Of course we already made sure you won’t get banned. We do this by adding proxies and many other encryption methods. So you don’t really need to be worried about this. So many gamer used the FIFA 20 coin generator already and no one ever received any ban. Its by far the easiest and best solution, when it comes to Ultimate Team.

You can download the FUT Companion on here for Android and iOS.

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