How to get free FIFA 20 Coins and Points?

Every year the same old problem: Everyone wants to get as much coins and points as soon as possible. The goal is to be the first one to have the best squad on Ultimate Team. There are some tools helping you to generate free FIFA 20 coins and points on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Lets take a look on them today!


The FIFA 20 coin generator makes dreams come true!

Imagine for one second you can get buy any player you want without any effort. That is absolutely possible now. The hack makes it possible for every gamer all over the world to play the game to the fullest. If you haven’t heard about it you can check it out here. We are offering it in german as well.

fifa 20 ut hack

Are there any other ways?

Yes, of course! Just the regular ways: playing matches, playing the different modes and of course trading. Oh, there is another option as well: quick selling players! All of them won’t make you rich. You will eventually get some good players, but only if you are rocking it in the FUT Champions Cup or Division Rivals. For this you will need to spend many many hours every single week. Not sure if its really worth it to be honest. The FIFA 20 coin generator is a much easier alternative for this. You should definitely consider using it.


What is the easiest and safest way?

Since last year there is no “safe” method on how to get free FUT 20 coins. Even normal trading was considered as manipulation. Some people even got their team suspended. Yes, this is actually true. On Reddit and some other platforms you can see some real disappointed guys. YouTube is full of this topic as well. Electronic Arts considers every action, which you do on purpose to gain coins, as a “manipulation”. Absolutely ridiculous, but its their game and they can do whatever they want. What they want is clear: more money! Our recommendation is to simply run the FIFA 20 coins hack and never pay a single dollar to this company again. Its not like they deserve it. Since a few years they are disappointing gamers all over the world, releasing a game full of bugs and glitches. Its your choice if you want to support them or not. The FIFA 20 hack is the perfect method on how to get coins without spending money.

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