No human verification or survey needed!

At this moment our FIFA 20 coin generator works without human verification or survey! We got the only hack in the web, which is safe, reliable and don’t require you to enter personal information such as your mobile number, security question, password or email.

FIFA 20 hack no survey for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Just imagine you could get free FIFA 20 coins and points in such an easy way. Running the generator takes only two minutes! While other gamers are spending days, weeks and months to get coins you can easily generate them for free on your PSN, Xbox Live or other accounts.

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Why human verification?

At this point we only got a few users per day. Bots and hackers didn’t get attention of us, which means no one is going to attack us or abuse our tools. Normally once a FIFA 20 coin generator gets popular there are so many bots, which automatically send requests to generate items on several different accounts. Their goal is to create rich accounts and to sell them for real money later. It has been extremely profitable in the last few years. They are selling them on eBay, Facebook, Reddit and on other platforms.

Will you ever integrate a human verification in your FIFA 20 coin generator?

Well, we don’t want to, but at some point we don’t have any other choice. You have to imagine there are so many hacker, which are always looking for ways on how to take advantage of tools like ours. They are sending thousands of requests per minute. It can easily break our server and collapse our website. Real users like you will suffer from this. Therefore it might happen to implement a survey or captcha in order to control who use the generator.

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Why are hackers not creating their own generator?

Thats a legit question. We think it has something to do with the risk. Maybe you have heard of the news how some teenager in the US got arrested for creating a FIFA coin generator and then heavily abuse it by generating and selling coins. They made millions of dollar with this method! There are still some hacker creating their own generator, but most of them are trying to lower their risk by simply using another websites hacks.

Any risk for you?

Absolutely no risk for you, since we got so many proxies and other methods to protect you. Don’t worry about it! The whole process will just take a couple minutes.

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